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Minutes, whether for a corporation, an LLC, or any type of business entity, are an official and essential part of company records. They are not only required by law for corporations, but they document business activities; approve expenditures; provide another level of professionalism; can resolve disputes among shareholders or members, and may even help in the event of an IRS audit or civil litigation. For only $25, you will have access to a variety of fill-in Minute forms, including annual minutes, consent without a meeting, waivers of notice, etc.

Although minutes may not be required by law for LLC’s, it certainly seems prudent to include them as part of your company’s official records. They can also help in the event of a disagreement among members about business decisions.

Decisions are made in all types of any businesses – not just corporations and LLC’s. Documenting these decisions can be an important part of good recordkeeping. Even a fictitious name business requires decisions to be made about the business, its financial matters, and the overall direction of the business. Keeping a record of these business decisions can be as important as keeping a checkbook ledger.

In the event you ever decide to sell your business, good recordkeeping would not only be crucial, but may even increase the value of your business.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to good recordkeeping.

Let SimpleCorporateMinutes.com help you keep good records.

"Where Minutes are really simple."

This is not legal advice - - nor is it intended to replace legal advice.
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